Increase lab efficiencies? Yes, it’s possible!

Have you invested copious amounts of time and money into LIMS? You should know that you’re not alone. LIMS is a great tool but it’s a resource strain pulling valuable colleagues and budget away from more important work.

After years of working with pharmaceutical labs, we created LIMS Accelerator™, a powerful process automation solution that sits on top of your existing LIMS and bridges the data management gap.

With LIMS Accelerator, leading pharmaceutical companies are reducing time spent on managing samples and their data by up to 80%. Their labs are working faster while improving both accuracy and quality. They’re eliminating manual data entry for a more agile testing network and are able to harmonize processes from lab to lab.

Join the leading pharmaceutical companies that rely on LIMS Accelerator to:

  • Automate configuration
  • Help labs manage complex testing and workflows
  • Track and analyze samples from reception to reporting
  • Enable automated processes, faster and with more accuracy

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LIMS Accelerator

Lean how LIMS Accelerator can help you.


Global Biopharmaceutifcal Company Cuts Costs and Increases Efficiency by 80%

See how LIMS accelerator achieved an enormous increase in configuration efficiency, and overall ROI after only 3 months post implementation for this internationally recognized biopharmaceutical company.

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